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We prepare Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten age children, to become learners For Life

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Today's early learners need schools and educators to re-envision the role of technology in the classroom. 

The future is now

Award Winning Curriculum


Emersion School features award winning Frogstreet and ABCmouse For Schools. Click on the blue button below, to find out more!

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What is 21st Century Learning for Early Childhood?

"We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist- using technologies that haven’t yet been invented- in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet." -Richard Riley, former Secretary of Education 


The time to begin preparing children for the challenges and demands of the future, is when they are young.  Emersion School of Early Learning has a responsibility  to create learning experiences and environments that tap into the natural curiosity and excitement of each early learner. 

 A 21st Century Early Learning School is centered around the "4 C's;" Critical Thinking,  Communication, Collaboration,  and Creativity. There is no doubt that the earlier a child learns the 4 C's, the earlier they apply them to all aspects of their education and eventually their career. 

When families and schools work together, a 21st Century Early Learner will do better academically, behaviorally and socially. They will truly become, learners for life.


Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition

Every early learner at Emersion will receive their very own ABCmouse account. While we have integrated ABCmouse into our FrogStreet Curriculum, your child will also have full access to ABCmouse at home! 

While in our classrooms, they will be able to access ABCmouse on the latest technology in personal tablets for kids. We provide Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablets to every Early Learner, during the school day. 


Clear Touch Interactive Panel

Today's 21st Century Learners have the world at their finger tips. It is our responsibility as care providers and educators to provide them with the latest classroom technology. 

Every Emersion School of Early Learning features a 55" Clear Touch Interactive Panel. Sites and sounds will come alive, their favorite stories will leap off the page, and lessons will capture their full attention. With the tap of their finger, they will immerse themselves in whichever story, game or lesson plan is happening in their classroom. 


Award Winning Curriculum

Emersion School of Early Learning will accelerate academic growth in your early learner  by using FrogStreet combined with  ABCmouse.com Early Learning Academy, the #1 digital learning program for young children.

 A perfect addition to Center Time, ABCmouse Learning Activities seamlessly align with Frog Street’s research-based curriculum and offer young students valuable online practice with essential skills, creative problem solving and self-guided instruction. 

Your child will succeed in a number of ways! 

•  Curriculum Alignment: ABCmouse Learning Activities are matched with each week in Frog Street Pre-K.

•  Progress Reporting: Student Profiles enable educators to customize each student’s learning experience and monitor progress toward goals.

•  Professional Development: Expert guidance ensures that implementation is smooth and that goals are set and met.

•  Family Engagement: At-home access encourages family involvement and strengthens the home-school partnership.

•  Spanish Support: The program includes hundreds of Spanish Learning Activities as well as support for navigating the website in Spanish.

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Procare Software

Procare software is the Nation's #1 Childcare Management Software. It allows us to easily organize family information, track attendance, print forms, record immunizations, and much more. 

Procare assigns each Parent/Guardian their own, unique PIN number. Your PIN will be used to check in/out your early learner. Our Procare kiosks are also equipped with Touch Technology. By just the touch of your fingerprint, you will be recognized by our system and your child will be checked in or out, in an even more secure way. 

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 KidReports is more than daily reports and email. It’s your mobile solution. The mobile App's technology reaches 100% of parents, ensuring  that you will not miss a moment of your child's day.  

KidReports has revolutionized classroom management and parent engagement.  We are so pleased to offer this to our enrolled families. 

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